LIAD started his way some 20 years ago in politics working in the Israeli Government. In 2000, he shifted his career toward environmental issues and was appointed as Greenpeace manager in Israel. Later, Liad completed his MA in environmental studies and opened his own consultancy firm where he worked with Israel’s largest corporations in implementing social, environmental and governance (ESG) programs and consulting them in publishing non-financial / sustainability (GRI) reports.

Until June 2021, Liad was head of the Israeli Corporate Social Responsibility Institute (CSRI). One of CSRI’s recent projects is translating the SDGs to Hebrew and making them available to the Israeli public. He is also the founder of the Israeli CSR & Business Sustainability Society and a doctor of Gerontology, University of Haifa. Liad’s doctoral project correlate the societal challenge of aging with the realm of business conduct. He thought in leading universities in Israel and lecturing about these topics globally.