Shibolet ESG was established to assist businesses in implementing ESG guidelines and standards. It’s an integral part of Shibolet Consulting Ltd. which is a subsidiary of  Shibolet & Co law firm. Shibolet ESG is headed by Dr. Liad Ortar, one of the leading experts in the field in Israel over the past 15 years. Shibolet ESG provides a comprehensive service in all relevant ESG areas, including the construction of an overall short & long-term strategy, a detailed work plan for tracking, monitoring, and nonfinancial sustainability reporting.


Shibolet ESG offers a cumulative experience of over 20 years in environment, sustainability, and corporate responsibility consulting to its clients.

Legal angle

All Shibolet’s ESG activities are provided by Shibolet & Co law firm, providing legal and regulatory support. All activities are led by partner Galit Ofer, head of the Environment & Sustainability department, and lawyers within the Regulatory Department.


Shibolet ESG offers a rich multidisciplinary perspective in its consulting activities. This unique value proposition includes services such as conducting market research and surveys, building SDGs-based impact methodologies & conducting life cycle analysis (LCA) and carbon footprint calculations.


Shibolet ESG has worked closely with large, leading ESG organizations across the globe. Shibolet ESG has also monitored regulatory developments in these worlds within the global arena, with the understanding that those will be implemented in Israel, sooner or later as well.  

Dr.Liad Ortar, Shibolet’s ESG manager and head of Shibolet ESG, has had extensive background when it comes to promoting and implementing ESG approaches in business corporations. Our professionals have obtained numerous areas of expertise, including strategizing ESG, identifying organizational gaps, and leading our clients in the complex landscape of local and global ESG regulations and market demands.

We offer specialized research services in order for our consulting services and recommendations to be scientifically validated as well. Our team has made outstanding achievements in  ESG & environmental regulation,  academia, and climate risks in Israel and worldwide.