Shibolet ESG is a subsidiary of Shibolet & Co., one of Israel’s largest full-service corporate law firms, and was established specifically to assist corporations by providing dedicated ESG consulting

ESG Gap Analysis

During this preliminary phase, we identify gaps in the company’s current conduct, in the context of the defined ESG criteria as expressed by various stakeholders and authorities. We explore potential ESG standards and guidelines in order to identify those that are most relevant and, based on gap analysis results, prepare a policy and work plan for orderly implementation and reporting.

Double Materiality Analysis

Materiality is a key step in prioritizing various ESG issues to be implemented within the company. The term “materiality” itself is constantly being updated, and today the understanding is that materiality should reflect the priorities of the company itself alongside those of its shareholders and stakeholders. As part of this service, we offer quantitative research tools that have already gained substantial academic validity through Dr. Ortar’s published research.

Sustainability Report Writing (GRI/SASB/SDG-Based)

Transparency and accountability are the end goals of every ESG implementation process. Although it is the result of the implementation process, some companies find it advantageous to launch their sustainability efforts with the decision to publish a report. Focusing on the final outcome can therefore help an organization harness its resources in this direction. Dr. Ortar has extensive experience in writing such reports, which reflect the company’s performance and challenges in the social, environmental, and governmental spheres.

Research-Based ESG Consultancy

Based on Dr. Ortar’s exceptional ESG research experience, we offer all our partners the appropriate research process to complement each ESG consulting activity. This research may be essentially qualitative, taking the form of comparative studies between reports and relevant managerial approaches, with quantitative research aspects involving data collection and surveys.

Due Diligence / Quality Assurance for ESG Reports

Shibolet ESG is certified under AccountAbility’s AA1000 standard as an auditor of sustainability reports. In recent years, Dr. Ortar has conducted dozens of quality assurance projects, including for all banks in Israel, as well as ICL. We perform external and independent controls for the reports and thereby improve the reported product.

Impact Consulting

A relatively new field, “impact” refers to the effect that a given business has on society and the environment. We help startups and VCs identify and define their impact, which enables them to improve their attractiveness to new investors and clients. Impact is also very significant for non-profits seeking to clearly demonstrate the effect of their activities.